Shri K S. Mittal I have the honor and pleasure to welcome you, parents and students, to join us at VIVEK. Our mission is to help young students to discover and develop their inherent gifts, talents and abilities to keep pace with the changing scenario of global world.

A deep sense of joy prevails in the very core of my heart to place this message at your disposal. I feel immense pleasure to know that you are going to join the noble family of “Vivek College” which is fully equipped with all facilities in academic and technical side. We aim to provide the best education by eminent and specialized teachers in the field of Education, Law & Technology.

Our main aim is to take initiative to give a platform to budding talents to enrich and enhance the knowledge base and at the same time strengthen the skill sets with the latest development. This will also give a platform to reach out to the society.

Our facilities on ground have been acquired and constructed with trained & qualified faculty and hi-tech infra - structure which will enable our students to achieve and enhance their career in the challenging world. As time goes by we will be expanding our facilities by constructing more classrooms, laboratories, and library to accommodate our present and future students.

Our institution is committed to the belief that the ability to recognize and celebrate differences is an essential quality that all of us can strive for. Our aim is to give every student the opportunity to achieve their potential in learning by developing intellectual skills.

With this note of confidence, I warmly welcome all the students to take advantage of this high quality education and may your stay here be fruitful and enriching to you and the Society.

K.S. Mittal




Dear friends,

The foundation of the present Vivek College was laid down three years ago by my sibling Shri Vivek Goel under the hunch inspiration in the name of Dronacharya College Bijnor. In fact Bijnor laid under the lappet of old domain of Hastinapur during Mahabharat era where Acharya Dron taught the princes of king Dhrtrashtra and his elder brother Pandu: Arjun, Yudhisthra, Bhim, Nakul Sahdev and Dryodhan etc. Arjun had gained more expertise knowledge than his Guru Dron. My younger must have visualised for such Institutions where Dron like professionals may produce Arjun like pupils to be remembered by the coming generations. For the sad and untimely demise of Shri Vivek Goel, I wavered a little to make his name and dreams alive by renaming the College bethel in his own name.

This is true that in the scenario of accelerating population and increasing demand of job opportunities in the country, the role of self-financing institutions have facilitated governments in coping with the new challenges. No doubt some institutions are working in very degradable positions but we dispassionately assure you that our race is with a promise of commitment to quality education. It is our cherished desire to develop the college with an honestly and scientifically designed infrastructure to promote and advance all the academic curriculums we introduce.


In the first year the college introduced B.Ed. Course and got a reputation not only in the M.J.P.Rohilkhand University, Bareilly but also in other alike institutions. As regards to its teaching management and discipline with extra curricular activities during the last five sessions, the college has come in the educational map of the country. The college maintained high disciplinary norms in the campus.


Lastly we confidently promise you that as the area where this institution has been established is rich due to the sweet water of the holy river Ganges, now the area shall also be enriched by the assuage dissemination of the wisdom flowed by the learned professionals of the country here to professional trainees.

I wish them all success

(Amit Goel)