About Course Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) is designed to teach, train and prepare human power with scientific temper, professional acumen, democratic attitude and secular values to manage social work agencies and run social welfare in the country. The goal is to prepare appropriate professionally trained social workers for the new socio-economic milieu in the country. The main objective of the course is to train young men and women in the methods of social work. Social case work, social group work, community work, social action, social policy, planning and administration, social work, research and social welfare management.


The MSW course syllabus is broken up into 4 semesters with new MSW subjects in each semester.

Details of the Master of Social Work syllabus along with details of Master of Social Work Subjects are outlined below:


Course - I History And Philosophy of Social Work

 Course - II Social Case Work

Course - III Social Group Work

Course - - IV Social Science Concepts For Social Work –I

Course - V Methods of Social Research

 Course - VI Field Work – I (Concurrent Field -Rural /Tribal Tour)


Course - VII Milieu of Social Work, Practice and Theories of Social Work

 Course - VIII Community Work

Course - IX Behavioral Science Concept for Social Workers

 Course - X Social Science Concepts For Social Work - II

Course - XI Human Rights, Social Justice and Social Work

Course - XII Field Work – II Concurrent and Camp- Urban /Rural /Tribal


Course - XIII Social Action

Course - XIV Social Policy, Social Planning and Social Administration

 Course - XV Social Development Course - XVI Rural and Tribal Development

Course - XVII Candidate has to opt Course (a) or (b) or (c) Course

Medical and Psychiatric Social Work- I

Social Work in Correctional Setting- I

Social Work at Industry –I (Labour Welfare & Industrial Relation)

Course - XVIII Field Work III and Campl



Course - XIX Social Welfare Management

Course - XX Family and Child Welfare 3

Course - XXI Candidate has to opt Course (a) or (b) or (c) in accordance with his/her choice of   Course XVII

Medical and Psychiatric Social Work- II Course –

Social Work in Correctional Setting- II Course –

Social Work at Industry –II

Course - XXII Dissertation & Viva

 Course - XXIII Field Work IV

Course - XXIV Field Work V (Block Placement for twelve week after the semester examination)


Course - XXV Comprehensive Viva