Our Vision Statement

To inculcate a spirit of exploration and investigation in the diversified areas of education to search new vistas of knowledge for the scientific, social, cultural, economic and political development of our nation.’’

We believe that true excellence in education requires a commitment to equity and social justice. Thus, we strive to prepare creative, culturally competent, critically reflective post graduates who possess deep knowledge in their fields of study and work collaboratively to achieve high quality education for all.


Our Mission Statement

"To prepare a teacher who can teach to high standards and to make learning alive for students".


"To encourage outstanding individuals to enter teaching profession and enhance desirability and practicality of teaching".


"To produce dynamic teachers who can train young minds to meet the challenges of the modern world".


"To train prospective teachers to accommodate continuing challenges to achieve goals of contemporary world".


"To conduct quality research and projects on various educational problems and collect educational statistics for developing information".